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  • Note, that administration of this service is not able to monitor each message posted, therefore, holds no responsibility for the content. Also, administration doesn’t guarantee accuracy, completeness of all posted information as it conveys only the user’s point of view. In case any user is insulted by posted material or considers it to be inappropriate, they should contact moderator immediately. Every user is responsible for the information they are submitting;
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  • It is strictly forbidden to use Private Messages for the purpose of insulting other members or performing any other actions that violate Forum Rules;
  • Same post is not allowed to be posted more than once in one thread or topic section;
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  • Personal information submitted by users and contained on this website won’t be used for any illegal purposes. Before registering on the website users must clarify legal status of online gambling in their jurisdictions as this activity is considered to be illegal in numerous jurisdictions. All information gathered on this website can be used for entertaining purposes only;
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  • In case of fraud, a user will be banned from using a website;
  • Azartlist.com has the right to warn a user if they violate any rules. In case the violation is not serious, the user is granted the second chance.

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