PokerStars 23.02.17

PokerStars started testing of new poker game

PokerStars announced that it started testing of the game Power Up. It is based on the rules of Texas Hold'em No Limit, but it has the features that make it resemble common online card games.

There are 3 kinds of additional cards. One of them allows you to get a copy of the last played card of the opponent, the other - to cancel the move, and the third - to select the next card on the board.

At the moment, the game is at the stage of closed Alpha testing: It is available for a limited number of people only, the real bets are not accepted yet. Severin Rasset, Director of Innovation for PokerStars, said that many of its features are going to change.

It should be reminded that the company has already launched a number of poker-based games, but they have not gained huge popularity yet.

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