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How to Play Poker: game rules

Online Poker is an insanely addictive card gambling game that draws in each player. After all, playing poker is not about think through your moves and making tactics. It has strong psychological component when you need to catch and read the slightest gestures and facial expressions of your opponents.

So, how to play poker? Read the rules and game strategy, and make your own tournaments then!

Online Poker rules

Let's talk about the most popular poker game variation known as Texas Hold'em. Millions of players from all around the world prefer exactly its rules and this is the best option to play for newcomers (especially if you start your path playing poker online).

Thus, the preferred amount of players at the table is from 6 to 9. The first step is to determine the price of chips: for example, white chips means 10 points each, blue is 20, red is 30 etc.

The game starts with blinds. Blind is a forced bet before the card deal. Dealer is a player who deals cards. Player who sits to the left from the dealer must put half of the bet at first. For example, if the mandatory rate is 20 and the player bets 10, this move called the small blind. The next player to the left does big blind stake (full mandatory bet, 20). The blinds are made.

Now the dealer gives two cards face down to each player starting from the small blind. Everyone watch their cards. The game runs in a clockwise direction. Two first players have already made their first bets, so the third player continues the game now.

What he can do now?

Online Poker Rules

  • Fold: End game for the player, he doesn't lose chips.
  • Call: This means player's respond to bet with making a forced bet (20 in our example).
  • Raise: This means rate increase. This is a marker of good cards or bluffing which aims to reduce the number of players at the table in the current game.

If anyone increases the stake during the first round, everyone needs to equalize it. Then dealer put three opened cards from the deck in the middle of the table. Players start a new round of betting from the one who sits left to the dealer. Now they can use “check" option in addition to the first three kinds of moves. It means not to add the stake if rivals didn't produce that stake. Now dealer opens the fourth card after the round. One more round and dealer opens the last one, fifth card. After the opening the fifth card player needs to go through the last round of betting and everyone show down their cards.

The winner is determined by the significance of the cards combination. Winner takes the bank. The combination includes a combination of two personal cards in the hands with five publicly available ones on the table.

Each player has the right for “all in" bet optional when he don't have enough chips to call a bet. In this case he pretends only that part he leveled with other players to the moment of the stake. This is a chance to save the game player who lost almost all chips.

Card combinations in poker

Let's start with the lowest to highest.

  1. If no one has any combination, the winner is the one with a higher card.
  2. Pair means two cards of the same rank. For example, two aces.
  3. Two pairs are the two cards of the same rank connected with two same cards of other value. For example, two aces and two nines.
  4. Set is three cards of the same value. For example, three eights.
  5. Straight means any five cards of any suit consecutive in order of seniority. For example, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
  6. Flush is a combination of any five of same suit.
  7. Full House consists of a pair and a suit at the same time. For example, two kings and three tens.
  8. Four of a Kind is a four cards of the same value (four twos etc.)
  9. Straight Flush is five cards of the same suit, consecutive in order of seniority.
  10. Royal Flush is the ace + king + queen + knight + ten of one suit.

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