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The Biggers Winners Of New York Lotto!

The popularity of lotteries in the USA can be traced back to the 19th century. However, by that time lotteries were already a common practice in other countries such as Netherlands. As of today, there are very many lottery games. Some of the most popular games within America are the Mega Millions and Powerball. The New York Lottery is also growing to become one of the most well-known and played games in the USA.

The New York Lottery came about on after an amendment allowing the government to manage lotteries was passed. New Yorkers wanted to have their own lottery whose aim was to help towards the provision of education. After some time, this game became open to anyone who wished to play even if they do not reside in New York.

With $2, you get to play a game which has one line. If one is lucky enough to match 6 numbers out of the 59 that are there, they become the winner of that lottery. By playing the lottery, one stands a chance to win small prizes or the jackpot.

The following three are some of the lucky New Yorkers who won big time.

Harold Diamond 326,000,000

This eighty-year old retired principal is the first to win the Mega Jackpot of 326,000,000. It goes down in history as the largest jackpot in the city of New York. Harold was driving to dinner with his wife when the events leading to his big win started unfolding. After a storm hit town, his wife Carol, insisted that they should stop at the Valero gas station as they wait out the storm.

While there, Mr. Harold bought 10 of the lottery tickets. He put them in his wallet and ended up forgetting about them. While out playing golf the following day, Mr. Harold overheard people saying that the winning ticket had been bought from the same gas station where he had bought his. He had actually won. He said he will forever be grateful to his wife for had she not insisted they make a stop, he would not have bought the tickets.

7 colleagues from a construction company in New York $319,000,000

New York Lotto

Seven people who worked at a construction company became lucky when one of them, Mike Barth, got a winning ticket. While on a line at a newsstand, someone cut the line while Barth was getting some chocolate. The man bought a lottery ticket and went. Barth ended up buying the next Quick Pick ticket. Unknowing to him that was the ticket that would turn him and six of his colleagues into millionaires.

Nancy Viola $ 169,000,000

Powerball Lotto

Joining the band wagon that had given in to the Powerball fever, Nancy Viola asked his husband to purchase Powerball tickets for her from a Foodmart. At that time, the jackpot was at $900 million. Nancy's husband bought the tickets the same day. Additionally, he bought a quick pick ticket for that day's Mega Millions. To their surprise, it was the second ticket that actually won them $169,000,000.

To conclude, lotteries will continue growing in popularity. The possibility of winning the lottery makes many want to take part in it. You might just end up being the next millionaire in town should you win the jackpot.

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