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Legendary couple John and Lisa Robinson win $ 528 800 000 and bought a new house

The life of John and Lisa Robinson, a simple American family, changed in January 2016 dramatically: they turned from the middle class to some of America's richest persons. Robinsons win $ 528.8 million in Powerball lottery. This is a third part of the legendary $ 1.6 billion Jackpot.

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Immediately after the win, the shocked Robinsons assured journalists during the interview that they are not going to radically change their lives: they will continue to live in a modest single-storey house and save their jobs. However, after half a year, the lifestyle of the winners has changed a lot.

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Robinsons bought a huge comfortable house on the shore of the lake and went to an early retirement…

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Robinsons drove into a luxurious house on the shore of a crystal clear lake in summer 2016. The family chose a secluded place deliberately to start a new life. The mansion accommodates everything that is necessary for a comfortable and serene life and also looks ideally the countryside landscape.

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Their house contains 10 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and even a home theater. One of the exits of the house leads to a wooded pier. Also they bought 320 acres of adjacent territory. The lake placed here is also belongs wholly and entirely to the winners.

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The price they spent was $ 6 200 000. This is huge money, but the couple left only 1% of their prize. This means that even after buying a house, John and Lisa have at least 300 million dollars left (after payment of all fees and taxes).

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