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How to make money with binary options

How to make money with binary options - the main advantages of earning and step by step action plan.

Currency, stock or other world markets speculation is a very profitable business.

Those who managed to succeed in it join the world's financial elite and begin to earn a lot of money and realize their dreams.

Of course there are many more of those who overestimated their abilities and could not assess their knowledge, skills and capital objectively and lose their capital and stay forever disappointed in the currency, stocks or gold trading.

Forex and other exchanges do not tolerate amateurs, bummers and slackers.

But this rule has an exception: some smart traders know how to make money on binary options, without any special education and not having any special talents in this area.

This type of income looks more like sports betting rather than financial analysis and suits best those who are lucky and not afraid of risk.

What are binary options and how to make money with them?

Before we start talking about binary options, we should deal with such a term as "option", which is one of derivative financial instruments.

It comes from the Latin word option, which can be translated as "choice" or "intention to do something".

The financiers call option an agreement under which the buyer acquires the right to buy the stock, currency, gold, securities or anything else at specified price at a specified time.

Purchase of an option does not oblige the buyer to make any kind of financial transaction, just provides the right to do it.

Binary option, which has an "all or nothing" informal name, is a contract under which the buyer having made certain transaction within the specified time period can either receive income (in the form of the specified sum) or get nothing.

Benefits of making money with binary options:

  • You buy them in advance and at a specified price, which allows you to manage a large number of trading transactions;
  • You know the reward and the loss before you make the purchase which enables to calculate risks;
  • There is no need to analyze tons of information to make a trade – it is enough to count (or guess) whether will the price of the chosen asset move higher, or vice versa - will go down;
  • Available for everyone: there is no need to buy the shares of the company you like and spend 1 000 dollars on it, as long as it is enough to buy a binary option for 10 dollars to stay positive;
  • There are enough brokers on the market that offer binary options trading.

How to make money with different types of binary options?

Make money with binary options

Making money with binary options is quite simple.

You sign a contract and specify, for example, that shares of the specified company will grow in value till the specified time, or vice versa – their price will fall.

If your prediction is correct, you will be able to make money (most often trader's profit is 100 dollars), but if not, you are not getting anything.

If we consider that the average price of a stake is 10 dollars, and you can earn 100, we see how profitable this business is.

In addition, if you find a good broker, you can get 15% of every unfulfilled prediction – as long as some trading platforms do it.

Nowadays there are 3 main types of binary options to earn with:

  1. Call \ Put-options - the direction of stock, currency or something else's prices. For example, if you think that the price of shares of some company will go up, you buy Call-Options. If you are confident that the price will fall – you buy Put-options.
  2. One Touch \ No Touch-options - you place a bet that the asset will cost as much to a certain time (One Touch-option) or, on the contrary, that it will not reach a certain price level (No Touch-option).
  3. In \ Out-options - you set the price limits for the asset to move within (In-option) or, on the contrary, anticipate that it will go beyond the specific price range (Out-option).

You need to choose the right broker in order to make money

People interested in financial markets often ask whether it is possible to make money with binary options. Of course it is, if only you do not take it all as a game, learn constantly and choose the right broker.

Your earnings depend directly on how successful will be your co-operation with the broker.

It is very important to choose a broker properly, because:

  • you will make trades on its trading platform;
  • it guarantees payment of your reward in case your prediction is correct;
  • it ensures that you do not become a victim of fraud and that your deposit does not disappear.

It is important to choose a reliable broker with good reputation if you really want to make money with binary options.

Yes, all brokers charge for their services, but you will not get access to the trading platform without them.

The experts name the following companies the best binary trading companies:

What should I do to make money with binary options?

  • Select a broker and go through the registration procedure.
  • Deposit a certain amount (in $).
  • Select the assets on which you want to make money, for example, shares of some companies.
  • Select the type of binary option. For example, you might stop at the most simple Call \ Put-options variant and place a bet on that shares of the selected company will go up or down in price.
  • Choose the exercise date of a contract, for example, the end of the day, within an hour, at the end of the week, etc.
  • Enter the amount you are going to invest. Check again whether you have correctly set the terms and click "Buy".
  • Clicking the Profit Line, you will be able to monitor whether there are chances of your prediction to come true or not.
  • Make profit or (in case your prediction was incorrect) try to capitalize on other assets.

Is it even possible to make money on the binary options or is it a scam?

Surely, there are enough skeptics who believe that there is no way of making money with binary options, that it is a real scam for gullible people who yearn for easy money.

The main arguments of such skeptics are:

  • You do not know who you trust the money to;
  • Internet companies do not have the relevant documentation;
  • All brokers are cheaters, because they do not show their real addresses and are located abroad;
  • Term of the transaction can not be less than a week, while most domestic brokers offer 1 hour, 1 day, etc.

On the one hand, these arguments have the right to exist and are not that stupid, on the other - while some people grumble and move back in fear of something new, the others take risk and earn good money.

Remember, that not so long ago any Internet earnings were labeled "stupid", "fraud" and other bad words.

When 5 years ago, my friend began to earn for a living by copywriting, she had to endure a few fights with members of her family like "you are going to get robbed there ", "do not engage in this nonsense and find yourself a normal job".

Today her income is so good that even her grandmother from the countryside knows for sure that her granddaughter is making money on Internet.

It is easy to understand how to make money with binary options.

All you need is a desire to learn something new.

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