Binomo Broker 15.03.17

How to make money on binary options $18 000 for one week

Last week, trader with id 39 *** 2 executed a record number of profitable deals. Our manager Binomo contacted him to find out what helped him earn more than $ 18,000. Among other things, the record holder mentioned the following in his reply:

"I like working with technical indicators that really help. I remember the first time I read about Helix, then I found other materials. Perhaps I would call Helix the most effective strategy. "

"Always think, do not rush, the trend of the chart can and should be understood."

"Binomo is a very convenient platform, I do not know about the application though as long as I'm using the web interface, I like to see everything on the computer screen, it's easier for me to use indicators that way."

"Thank you guys for the quotes, for the product, for polite managers."

We wish our trader and you to make more profitable trades!

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