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Bitcoin trading with binary options

The fantastic growth of Bitcoin's natural value and the establishment of this instrument on the stock market have made this asset the most attractive for investors. However, few can accurately explain what Bitcoin is and how to make money on it. It is these issues that we have devoted our material to. We will explain the concept and principles of this tool in simple language and provide the simplest method of earning on cryptocurrency.

So, what is the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and how does it work in real financial conditions? Bitcoin is an electronic payment format that is used on the internet. Each user can issue cryptocurrency with the help of special equipment for the so-called mining of Bitcoins. Bitcoin itself is an electronic currency without any actual natural form, so it is nothing more than a specialized mathematical algorithm for which a certain amount of points, which in fact are called Bitcoins, are accrued. The advantage of this tool is its lack of regulation by authorities, the speed of payments, the full transparency of transactions and, of course, the high value, which has been steadily growing for several years.

How to earn on Bitcoin?

The first way to earn on this financial asset is to mine Bitcoins independently. To do this, you will need special equipment costing at least 3,000 USD and a lot of time to solve algorithms. The most you can earn in this way is up to 20 USD per day.

The second way is to start directly trading assets on the exchange market, given the cost of 1 Bitcoin at 1,200-1,300 dollars, this type of investment activity will require huge financial assets, but earnings may amount to several thousand percent in a short period of time.

We want to offer the most affordable and efficient way to earn on Bitcoin – binary options. With the help of this financial instrument, which uses a simple profit-making approach in the form of betting on fluctuations in the value of an asset (in our case, Bitcoin), investors can earn a profit with a minimum investment, which is fully commensurate with the volume of income used in the direct trading of the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoins with binary options - how does it work?

To trade binary options on Bitcoin, you will need a special terminal from a brokerage services operator. We can offer you the best option right away – the Binomo company, which offers the most professional and quality services for trading options. Here the investor gets access to the following trading tools and technical means:

  • Bitcoin as an underlying asset with 24/7 availability and 80 other financial instruments
  • The minimum conditions to start on the market – capital from $10, contracts from $1
  • A wide range of analysis tools – indicators, chart services
  • Yields on options with Bitcoin - up to 83%
  • Non-stop trading mode
  • The shortest possible waiting period for profit monetization – 24 hours
  • Free training on trading processes

Bincoin Trading Binomo

Next, we'll look at the technical side of making a profit on binary options. In order for a contract to bring a capital increase to the investor, it is necessary to correctly predict the direction of market movement in a clearly delineated time frame. Simply put, the trader determines where the price will move, UP or DOWN, and sets the expiration time for the bet:

Bitcoin Trading Strategy

At the end of the contract, the trader receives either 83% in profit, or loses the amount of the bet. This simple mode of exchange trading works on all assets, including Bitcoin.

Investors on the binary market have a wide range of opportunities to improve their own statistics and trading efficiency. We're talking about trading strategies that, with the help of special tools and rules, generate effective forecasts for options. We can offer the best possible type of trading system which is a strategy based on the following automatic indicators:

  • Alligator
  • MACD
  • RSI with scale level 50

Trading With Bitcoin

This toolkit most correctly assesses the quotes of the underlying Bitcoin asset (BTC/USD) and clearly forms trading forecasts. To register a contact, you need to identify the following combination of indicator signals:

  • The Alligator reverses it lines in a certain direction
  • The MACD intersects the central level of the scale upwards or downwards
  • The RSI breaks through level 50 upwards or downwards

We register binary options on the market depending on the direction of signal building:

Bitcoin Binary Options

With this simple way of building forecasts, which is done automatically, we can achieve profitable bets at a rate of up to 87%. As a result, without huge investments or complex technical and informational processes, we can earn unlimited amounts of money on Bitcoin!

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