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Binary options trading on the weekend

For most traders, weekend binary trading is seen as quite an exclusive approach to investment activity. There are many reasons for this – from banal mistrust and lack of technical knowledge concerning the formation of asset quotes on the weekend, to scammer activity on the binary market. However, we've decided to clarify some issues concerning working on the binary market on the weekend, and provide useful recommendations for earning money during this time period. We hope this will really help investors spend their weekends achieving the highest possible financial results.

Binary trading on the weekend - a scam or an opportunity to earn money?

When considering the legality of trading on the binary market over the weekend, first of all, it is necessary to understand the types of brokerage services offered by brokers during this time period. There are opportunities both for fraud and scams, and for real conditions for earning. The majority of brokerage operators offer two types of trading quotes for trading on weekends:

  • Conditional market quotes - for this type of trading, brokerage operators offer the trader asset quotes generated by specialized programs based on the activity of traders present on the broker's terminal (not to be confused with the market sentiment indicator). In this case, it is impossible to talk about real market conditions for trading. Only the broker and its specialists know the algorithm for this type of quote building, which really opens up the possibility for fraud. For this reason, of course, we do not recommended working in this way with your finances and in particular with binary options.
  • Real market quotes - for this, brokerage operators offer asset quote charts which are not solely influenced by the market, in particular Bitcoin's cryptocurrency, the cost of which depends not only on supply and demand on stock exchanges, but also on purely technological parameters for generating this currency. Thus, investors work with the real liquidity of the underlying asset, which is subject to the laws of the market and does not provide opportunities for fraud. Working on cryptocurrency quotes on the weekend is a real opportunity to generate additional income.

Binary options trading on the weekend

As a platform for real trading on the weekends, we can safely recommend the services of the Binomo broker, where you'll find the underlying Bitcoin asset, which, by the way, is also available on weekdays, as well as a set of all the necessary trading and technical services for efficient trading:

  • The minimum requirements for the initial conditions of trading - capital starting at 10 dollars, bets from 1 dollar
  • A set of technical indicators and chart analysis services
  • The yield on the Bitcoin asset is 83%
  • A statistical assessment service of market sentiment
  • The fastest possible mode of processing trading orders - 1.7 ms
  • Non-stop trading mode
  • Withdrawals of profit in 24 hours

Binary Option trading platform

Bitcoin is an effective tool for binary trading

Undoubtedly, cryptocurrency refers to exclusive assets for options trading; however, here investors will get a lot of advantages and the optimal conditions for trading. The main ones include the following:

  • The highest volatility of this trading instrument
  • Stability of quote trend movements
  • Highly predictable points of price reversal
  • A good level of contract profitability on this basic asset
  • The 24/7 availability of the asset

Thus, this innovative product allows the investor to earn non-stop and in a high performance mode.

Trading on the weekend - trading strategies

Given the fact that investor activity is at its lowest possible level on the weekend, the most effective approach to generating forecasts for options is to apply a statistical tool for assessing market sentiment, which is available on the Binomo operator's terminal. In this case, the trader can simply use indicator signals to register successful options at a rate of up to 87%:

Trading Strategies

Here everything is simple and logical, the higher the percentage indicator of investor sentiment, the higher the probability your options contract forecast will be confirmed.

The next option for an effective weekend trading strategy is an indicator system, which identifies trend reversals of quotes as quickly and correctly as possible. To use the system, install on the BTC/USD quote pair the following set of automatic analysis tools:

  • The MA 10 and 20 indicators
  • The standard MACD
  • The standard RSI

You will get the following template for assessing trading quotes:

Binary Options Strategy

We open binary options contracts according to the following technical indicator signals:

  • The MA lines intersect upwards
  • The MACD indicator shows an upward reversal of the oscillator
  • The RSI moving average reverses from level 30

This set of indicator signals works for bets UP:

Binary Options Binomo Strategy

For trading contacts DOWN, we use the reverse formation of the indicator signals:

Weekend trading

Based on this forecasting strategy, investors can register profitable contracts on the market at a rate of up to 90%.

Thus, when using professional platforms with quality trading conditions and effective trading strategies, investment activity on the binary market over the weekend can bring quite impressive financial results.

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