LuckyNiki Japan Promo

Niki is an animation character used in the game LuckyNiki. If you love playing the game, then you can take advantage of the prizes offered to celebrate the first anniversary since the launch of the game. The gaming company will like to give back to the community by availing attractive prizes which can be worn upon buying tickets. The participation process is very simple, you only follow simple instructions and you will be good to go.

If you havea dream of visiting Japan but you are yet to realize it, your dream can come true if you decide to participate in the promotion. You can visit places such as the “mecca” of anime and manga world at the Akihabara. Other places you can visit include Tokyo and enjoy the nightlife as you stroll through the Shinjuku “Golden Gai” bars. The special cuisine you can enjoy inspired by the Japanese people includes Sushi, teppanyaki as well as the famous Japanese ramen.

How to win the promotion

The processis very easy. You only have to buy a ticket and you stand a chance of winning the promotion. The steps to enter include buying a ticket. If you had bought a ticket the previous day, you get a free ticket. You can buy as many tickets as possible to increase your chances of winning. Each ticket goes at €1. All eligible depositors can claim free tickets on Fridays.

LuckyNiki Promo

The Japanese style prizes

There are several prizes to be worn. First, you can win 2 flight tickets to Japan from Europe. The ticket includes a five-day stay in Tokyo with lots of Japanese experiences to enjoy.

The second prize consists of a €300 Amazon voucher where you can shop several Japanese products and transform your home.

The third prize consists of a €200 cash to allow you dine at your favorite restaurant which serves Japanese cuisine in your city of choice. There are also several other prizes to be worn in terms of free spins.

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