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Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find a trustworthy and reliable online national lottery agent which you can fully trust. Therefore, swindle on the Net is going strong these days, and a lot of people fall a victim to fraudsters.

If you want to prevent any risk associated with your participation and winning in online lottery, we are the one to help you. On our website, you will find 100% fair and up-to-date ratings of the most reliable online lotto agents. We state this with complete certainty since our experts consider all the most important facts of their work: reliability, customer reviews and feedback, safety, as well as their customer support provided.

How & Where to Buy Lotto Online Ticket?

A lot of people think that buying a national lottery ticket, paying online, and afterwards receiving a cherished ticket by courier are simply impossible nowadays. The reason for it is that major foreign lotteries do not send the tickets to the buyer by mail. Obviously, this inveterate opinion is not true anymore. Luckily, technology doesn’t stay static, and nowadays there are a lot of ways of purchasing lotto tickets without leaving home. For this, you can find an online lottery agent and check for tickets there. Of course, finding a worthy website for your purchase may be difficult, but we will explain how to make the right decision.

Most Popular Online Lotteries Worldwide

There are a lot of online lottery ratings based on a jackpot amount, popularity among people, and ease to play and win. Our chart will cover all these aspects. So let’s start with the most promoted, most popular, the most notorious American lottery – Powerball US. The game is famous primarily owing to its massive jackpots, which often reach several millions dollars. Powerball lotto appeared in 1988 and was originally called the Lotto America; however, its name has been changed 4 years later to the current Powerball. At that time, lotto was played in a few states only if to compare to the current situation with over 40 states participating in the game. This change in game popularity happened during the development of the national lottery structure and the jackpot payment scheme. To date, the starting value of the jackpot is $40 million, which is the biggest offered prize in the USA! If a jackpot is not drawn, then its value is increasing until the day comes when it is payed to a winner.

The second most popular American lottery is Megamillions, which was first launched in 1996. At that time, it was called the Big Game, and its tickets were sold in several US states only. In 2002, this lotto got its present name Megamillions, and the number of participating states increased to 44. The interesting fact about Megamillions is that although being less popular than Powerball, it has paid the largest jackpots in the history of lotteries in the world with a top prize reaching $656 million! By the way, the starting amount of the jackpot in the Megamillion is “only” $15 million as opposed to $40 million of the Powerball lottery.

The third widely played lotto game is conducted in California, and it is called plus Superlotto. This national lottery appeared in 1986, and over time, the game format has changed considerably. According to the new game rules, you have to guess 5 numbers out of the 47 possible and one room (called “mega”) of 27 possible. The starting value of the jackpot in the California lottery is $7 million. The lucky one can choose either to immediately receive a portion of the jackpot (from 50% to 60%) or to get it over 26 years in equal amounts. Held twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday, this lottery is long-awaited by many lotto fans in America.

Choosing Online National Lottery

When selecting online lotto game, you should consider a lot of things. First and foremost, check on the rules and winning odds. Some lotteries are extremely difficult to play and have minimal winning chances, so the idea to buy US lottery tickets online can be simply a waste of money. Then, it is necessary to check jackpot amounts and rules of its increase to understand what you are betting your money for. Options to withdraw a win and player reviews are also worth checking just for a general understanding of the game.

List of the Most Reliable Online Lottery Agents

It is difficult to find a 100% reliable and worthy agent to work with. Choosing one requires a lot of preliminary research and understanding of specifics. It definitely won’t be easy, but that is where we come in. We have gathered the list of the best national lottery agents out there on our website for you to jump right into.

Lottery Syndicates

If you are searching for a way to increase your winning odds in lotto, then you should definitely try playing in a syndicate. So what is it? A lottery syndicate is a group of players who gather their money to purchase loads of lottery tickets together, raising their chance to win. This tactic to play lotto online has already proved to be effective with multi-million wins regularly landed. So you should definitely give this strategy a try, and who knows – maybe you will become a millionaire!

We Can Help You Make Your Choice

On our website, you can find a lot of companies that you can cooperate with when it comes to lotto: to check lotto ticket online and national lottery results. We are taking our job very seriously and are looking for one simple thing from people who read our reviews – trust. That’s why we do thorough research on every lottery agent to make sure it is worthy of your attention. Visit our website and make the choice yourself!