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Binary options are no longer exotic and one of the most promising ways to make money in stock, commodity, and currency markets. Trader income is not substantially limited; trade rules are extremely simple, and there are a lot of effective mechanisms for risk-sharing.

It seems that we are dealing with a new investment tool that does not require any special skills and provides high returns. What could be easier than binary options – one might think. And this is in fact true. Binary options will not make you rich overnight, but the probability is quite high. However, this “business” will provide you with a stable source of additional income that can be converted into the primary one, if desired.

What Are Binary Options?

The essence of binary options is a forecast of changes in value of the asset (stock, commodity, or currency) by a certain time. Perhaps, this wording may seem complicated, but in fact, there is nothing tangled in it. When buying a binary option, you thus estimate that the designated value of the asset will increase or, conversely, decrease by the specific time. If your prediction is correct, the option makes a profit. It is important to understand that just it is impossible to buy the asset; you can only predict a change in its value and, accordingly, the type of selected option: Call (up) or Put (down). To get started with binary options UK or binary options South Africa, you do not need a lot of money. It is sufficient to have a very small amount (from $10), and the broker will give you access to the binary options trading platform, open an account for you, and provide you with the opportunity to engage in trading.

How to Choose a Reliable Broker for Binary Options?

The brokerage company is important for a trader. All transactions occur on the broker’s platform; it is the guarantor of whether you will be paid a profit on the option that your deposit will not go away and that the payment will be sent to you in a timely manner. For its services, a company charges a brokerage commission on each successful transaction, but its size is not large and does not affect the general level of profitability of a trader. Obviously, finding a trustworthy broker is an important mission for any trader since the latter has access to all your money and should provide 100% safety of your real assets and personal information. Although there are a lot of online websites that offer broker services, many of them are scams who can cheat you at the earliest available opportunity. That is why we strongly advise you to read reviews and google for as much information as possible not to fall into a trap. One of the recent and fair lists of online brokers is on our website.

Binary Option Types

Standard Binary Option

The most common is the standard binary option. In order to get a profit on it, you must correctly predict the increase (or decrease) of the price at the completion timeframe. Usually a timeframe size varies from 30 seconds to months, depending on the conditions of the transaction and the broker features. Profit for the standard option is typically 70% of the investment. If a broker offers a standard option on profits above 85%, it is most likely a fraud.

The Short-Term Binary Option (to 60 Seconds)

One of the most risky types of binary options is the short-term one. It differs from the standard option in that it predicts the rise or fall in value of the asset for a very short period of time – up to one minute. A short-term deal brings good profits to both binary options brokers and traders.

One Touch (Touch) Binary Option

It is a pretty standard situation where the value of the asset in the allotted period of time is constantly changing. By the time the option is complete, the price can make the next jump or fall. As a result, the trader loses money although he calculated the general direction of the trend correctly. Just for such cases, the One Touch option has been created. With it, the trader is able to set the bottom (or the top, depending on the terms of the deal) border price level. Profit for the One Touch binary options in varies and depends not only on the execution time but also on the mark.

Binary Options Robots

There are a lot of binary options robots on the Web (both free and paid); each is promising to increase your profit and help you predict any change on the binary options market. Free binary options robots can be used as a trading advisor and make their own decisions on when to buy binary options and when to refrain from it. As an alternative, you can entrust all the binary options copy trading operations to a robot after a preliminary test in a semi-automatic mode. This type of robot options is automatic; it only works with certain brokers who allow using robots on their platforms. Often there is an opportunity to test the robot on a demo account first and make sure it is profitable, and then to invest real money in it. Of course, it is up to you to choose what binary options robot to choose.

Automatic Binary Options

As it has been previously mentioned, you can use an automatic binary options robots after they successfully “pass your test” on bringing profit. Having made sure that your “adviser” works smartly, you can entrust your “business” to it and deal with other things. However, we strongly advise you to check how things stand from time to time.

Mobile Applications for Binary Options

For even more comfort for traders, it has been possible to use mobile applications to conduct online trading and keep track of what’s happening on the market. Thanks to the mobile technology, you can make profitable trading operations at any time and receive any notifications from a broker on your smartphone.

Licensing for Brokers

Leaders of the market of financial contracts not only have a good reputation but are licensed, regulated and supervised by independent organizations. Among the most trusted licensors on the market today, there is CySEC (Cyprus Commission for Securities and Markets), which is subject to a single European MiFID directive applied to all other EU regulators. One of other the most stringent European regulators is FCA. This supervisor working in the UK, and there are a lot of penalties against the Forex market leaders on his credit. In addition to the above organizations, licensed binary options brokers are also regulated by the AMF (France), BaFin (Germany) and other European organizations. So before starting to cooperate with any broker, make sure he has the appropriate license.

List of 100% Reliable Brokers

The team of our website will readily facilitate the search for a decent brokerage company. Having studied all the services related to binary options trade that happen on the market, we have created our own system of evaluation that is applied to brokers. On our platform, we offer binary options review and drawn up on the basis of the regularly updated rating. Binary options offer an excellent opportunity to earn money, so why not use them? What is more, the initial cost is, in fact, minimal, but all invested funds can be used for transactions and potential profits.

Demo Account on Binary Option Platforms

In order to get an account on binary option platforms, it is necessary to provide some personal information of your and be able to deposit a small amount for a try. Do not be afraid – you will not be asked to invest millions or thousands, a few dollars will be enough. Having a demo account will allow you to monitor all the tendencies on the market and see what other do.

Withdrawal Methods

When choosing a broker, offered methods to withdraw funds from the trading account play an crucial role since it is important to not only earn money but also to be able to withdraw them. When it comes to broker platforms, credit card users can easily withdraw money if they have Visa or MasterCard or get it by using a bank transfer. Besides, you can also use less popular cards such as Diners Club and Amex. Importantly, bank transfers are considered to be the most reliable way to withdraw funds from accounts of binary options. Further, scratch card owners can forget about disadvantages of bank transfers, especially when it comes to withdrawal times. They can withdraw money immediately, of course, if the amount doesn’t exceeds the set limits of the platform. A weighty argument in favor of e-purses is a commission, which is significantly less than that of traditional methods. We strongly recommend you to check withdrawal Terms and Conditions before registering and investing money in any broker platform.